The platform I use to launch my website, WordPress, where we are now, will exist after ten years? I’m not sure. Maybe other technology will come out and nicely replace it. Our surrounding is changing and so is the social platforms we use to communicate with the outside sources, and it continues shaping our way of social interacting. Thus it all comes down to how people’s life style changes and the accompanied technological forms altering in the near future.

Innovative is what determines the future and makes things more convenient and brings us surprise. It’s in a way we anticipate following the moving society and alternative reality that gives us more option to chose some other way of being.

How things will look like for us tomorrow we don’t know. “Future is better” is for TV drama plot line while “Old days are better” are for nostalgic folks that try to avoid reality. What we are now is what we recording and it helps us learn and realize where we will be at tomorrow. People would leave and new things come but life never stop changing, neither is the world.

I believe everyone’s story is weighted in different way and should be appreciated from their own perspective. Different value shapes different form of being. The world is full of varieties.  We don’t want monotone in the surrounding we are living in.  Ideas and opinions from different perspectives balance the whole beings and make our environment more meaningful and fully.

Therefore, we here to create posts and forum to discuss things happening around us, and how they shape our life & how we are changing in a way that we are unaware but inevitably head to.


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