Obsession is like a status, a cube space that you are in. While you are in you are obsessed with everything in it.  When you are out your reality changes because your version is more broad and complete. Then your obsession inside the cube is gone and you seek for the new meanings in the new reality you believe in. Once you get into another cube, the same thing happens. The whole circle is making you learn and gain new things out of it and fulfill your life and get what you think is your accomplishment.

I lived in several cities before, and moving to a new place makes me gain lots of things I never thought I could experience. It furthers helps me grow and adapt myself to a new environment, which is challenging and also exciting because accomplishment opens a new version of the reality and it further adds new perceptions into my world.

What I’m writing here is pretty loose because people should relax while they write. If they set up a goal and they change it one day it’ll be fine and changing is a certain thing.

I got my Bachelor of Art degree from SFSU back in 2008 and my major was Cinema. I like philosophy and arts so my interests are in films, music, cultures, and society, and it’s a blog about these things. The blog is covering reviews for movie, news analysis and personal journey.

I don’t mind disappearing myself into writing one day, the words that connect people and bring little interesting thing from every corner alive!


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