Ares, A French Version of Blade Runner

Ares, a dystopian sci-fi takes place in the future time, where massive amount of population in France are unemployed and the rich and corporations control the society. People become obsessed with a TV fighting show where the boxers are doped with new drugs for experiment, a violent reality show that substitutes mass population’s angry and empty life where the poor doesn’t contribute to the work or society anymore but they become of the audiences of the entertainment that the riches put on for selling commodity which is their new drugs.

Ares is the protagonist Reda’s stage name. Fighting is his job to entertain majority in order to survive but he is far from being one the top fighters.  When the society is full of inequality and deeply divided with the palm of the riches and the continued struggling of the underground population living within, money becomes a way of protection for Reda while his sister is one of the underground groups that oppose the topper corporations. One day he refuse to take a dangerous drug in order to win in the fight, and his sister is framed into a crime scene under the darkness and corruption of the government linking business with corporations. In order to save his sister’s life he agrees to take the new drug that happens to be only compatible with his blood.

Story develops with the inflammable tension between the greed of the riches and the manipulated life of the poor.  In order to sell the new drug the corporation makes Reda  risk his life and they try everything they can to make him into a genius pig of the money-making experiment.

When things start to turn and twist they slowly change how Reda responds to his environments and the people around him. From a low-profile and self-protective character to a revolutionary hero, Reda slowly realizes that even though you try to maintain a normal life where you pretend all the powerless environment you live in doesn’t bother or wouldn’t affect you eventually things would fall apart because you are living and interacting with it every day and things unavoidably affect you and the power tries to change you into the way they want you to be, and it’s called mass manipulation by the hands of the riches. Thing is they are invisibly shaping you that you don’t realize at first and they are playing each powerless individual like puppets in their called “monopoly” game. When the government becomes a tool for the riches to play this game, buying life and corruption are the methods for them to control the world. In this dystopian society getting your own life going by each day is not enough to survive or to protect your loved ones. Only fight and make it visible to everyone can make mass population awake and realize who’s controlling them and manipulating their life with money and even killing them with experiments.

The film is deeply influenced by the current coexisting relationship between government and the business, at the same time it foreshadows what it will become if we let the corporations rule our society where they sell their commodity by risking our life and using us as a part of the experiment of their new product.

Meanwhile opioid epidemic becomes an alert for society while the mass population contribute themselves to the “emptiness” or “painkilling” way to feel “well-being” that is framed by the corporations and being powerless is the result but at first they want you to feel “in control” and continually fill you up with their commodity that started to control and shape your life distortedly.

The only way to survive is waking up and take control back of ourselves. It’s always easier to say than act because the relationship between government and business has been well established long time ago and many big corporations are too big to fail while their mutual beneficial relationship is hard to break. However, every revolution takes a really long time and waking up and realizing the truth underneath the smog with lies that they created to blur our vision for realization is the the first step to take back our life. Connecting people from different groups to join the root-grass political movement or social organization is the only way to live freely in this world in the future and let our next generation also have the rights to do so.

In here this dystopian film is so close to reality, in a dark, smoggy, and over populated city with big commercial screens on the street to convey and transform ideology. We are alerted and we will go on without falling into the trap that are set up for us to fall. We will keep on fighting until we become the real owner of our life.



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