War Zone

airportOur “Drain the swamp” new president has been in office for a week there have been already lots of going on during last week. We are moving into an era that every day on media there’s some discouraging news showing up and we are living in a time that there are all kinds of wars started by the most powerful person in US with all kinds of groups like journalists, the refugees, Muslins, Mexico, the people under affordable care, the feminists, the pro-choices. We are living in chaos don’t know how to be accustomed with all the new changes just arrived in a short period of time while all kinds of protests around the nation to protect their rights and beliefs.

Remember when I graduated from college in early 2009 while Obama first moved in white house, every day was the opposite – optimistic news came out as new hope to change the conservative dull political world, save the economy, unite minority groups by hearing our voices, understand our needs, focus on moving the country forward as a group with all kinds of people. Together we know in deep that we would like to contribute more if we are part of the group.

However, Obama’s years has passed and meanwhile all the conservatives tried to block his progress by setting obstacles to the policies he proposed. Now they let someone to destroy what we have built so far as a united nation by moving us backward in order to protect their wealth and privilege.

Eight years have passed many compromises and progress came out of the surface but to many individuals their life is still the same. Stereotypes are still existing in every corner of the country. Some hope like bubbles have been popped while some still tries its best to maintain its existence. Eight years after, by conservatives’ provoking and manipulating strategies, they began to tear apart what we have tried hard all way long piece by piece.

Just like many old time we are trapped into a situation with an insane dictator who has all the power to suppress all the others who aren’t powerful enough to go against him. He is living in his own reality and forces all of us to believe in his insane leadership with all the alternative facts that a few people believe in.

Voicelessness and all the suppression will gradually turn into anger and we set our mind to see how long the anger will last without blasting out. Consequences are waiting ahead for all those cruel and not thought-out plans and actions that have been trying to divide us and we all seeing it. Someone will get condemned by his ignorance while he is busy building up enemies everywhere and setting up war zones all along the nation and even with the world.



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