Once a Dreamer, 2016

December, a month that is trying to blow away this disaster year with its cold wind,
2016, A year with remembrance of all the struggles, fighting, turnaround changes, and frustration,
A year to carry all these unsolved circumstances to move on to the next stage of new beginning,
A year that we stands in line between holding tight and loosing up what we have fought for.

If reality is too harsh to carry on we’d have merged ourselves into the dream that we once had and we might still own,
We might be once like the protagonist in the film Midnight Paris,
Immersed ourselves in the rich simulated literature world,
Fantasizing we might be part of something that leaves a trail where we have passion on,
Once listened to Giorgio Moroder’s music,
Thinking that we could become a pioneer one day when we create something new.

We were once told that if we dream big we would succeed one day,
We were once told that we were special as a creator,
We knew that we are different from the people who smile in a group picture,
We knew that we don’t easily blend in and we insist on our belief,
We once had a plan for the uncertain future to achieve our dream,
We were once trying hard to make it become a reality.

We once tried to overcome the burdens that were in front of us,
We once accomplished what we started,
We once felt defeated by the same amount of barriers,
And we were just human,
We have our flaws,
And to you who stand on an abundant land,
To whom wouldn’t know how many times we failed.
We were disappointed and realized we didn’t have enough bullet to shoot anymore after we missed.

Time is running out,
Stability becomes a word slowly merged out while replacing our dream,
We have to accept who we were, pick up what we have,
We could only say, we once tried,
To make this come true,
But our life is not a movie,
We don’t compose it to have a happy ending,
A plot that with all the obstacles burst out an unexpected turnover payoff,
A shining path comes out after all the previous acts.

The reality is,
Many of us just ended up blending in,
The main flow of the majority,
To remain invisible,
To hide our frustration and accept that we are a small piece of this society, or this system.
Sometime our effect wouldn’t get appreciated,
Sometime it just needs more than a pure dream,
It couldn’t become solid without other elements from different sides to make it happen.

2016, we once felt hopeful and at the same time devastated by the outcome we didn’t plan,
By the end of it should we consider healing our wounds,
To maybe have a more realistic and alternative hope?
And wish that in this pessimistic end a new beginning will bring different perspective,
With some positive encouraging energy?

To continue our dream, or walk out from it and blend in with what’s out there,
Either way what we have learned from 2016 is we have to be strong,
Sometime things just don’t turn out into the way we thought it should be,
Maybe we are just not saint after all,
Trying to like ourselves the way we are.
We are and will be always part of something that we can’t control,
Individually or integrally into a whole picture of something bigger,
Bigger than our dream,
but it’s okay,
Learning is a way of accepting it and make it become a part of ourselves.


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