Let’s talk about fear and gun

Dear police officer, the moment you fired your gun is it because of your fear or because the violence, power booster, and prejudice formed a monster inside you?

Dear police officer, why you are afraid and worried that people have gun and they are going to shoot you with that? Or it’s just one of the reasons for you to shoot bullets at them without a second thought?

Dear police officer, don’t you see it’s so ironic that you have fear of the black males who carry gun but You are the one who shoot at them many times in a roll? It’s so ironic that shouldn’t they be the one who are afraid of you?

Dear police officer, when you pointed out a gun towards someone whose blood was flying out and arm was distorted what would be the point you were still holding a gun towards him? Didn’t it already mean a seriously injured person wouldn’t do anything harmful to you?

Dear police officer, you might have reason for still holding a gun toward someone who was dying instead of calling an ambulance, but didn’t it mean that you have little sympathy or moral sense of protecting people? Instead you destroyed them?

Dear police officer, what was your purpose of being a policeman at the first place? is it because you want justices and protect people from harm, or you want bullets to declare your unquestionable POWER over others especially black?

Dear police officer, when you opened fire all over the place nationwide, don’t you think that it would be African American who live in fear instead of you who fired the gun with whatever excuse you can grab to rationalize what you did to a harmless person?

Dear police officer, when you said that “I saw devil in his eyes”, what did you think of the  one who were holding a gun? Who had all the power in the world at that moment to end a life?

Dear police officer, when you rationalize your action, do you see whose hand is that to took an innocent person’s life with the hypocrisy of doing a duty of protecting the law enforcements? Have you considered yourself the very murderer and you used the policeman title to wipe up your crime after you took an innocent life?

Dear police officer, I hope when you look into a mirror you don’t see a monster who used all the power within his field to violently divide the pure white and black boundary without even trying to understand the grey area with lots of misunderstanding in between?

Dear police officer, I hope that one day you will understand not everyone is the same based on their same colored skin. I hope that you don’t use police profiling technique to harass someone who is just a normal person who has a normal job instead of identify him with certain social stereotype.

Dear police officer, I hope that when you go to the court to explain your situation you would try to see from your victim’s point of view. I hope to see your tears, I hope you would understand the tears on his face when he was about to die. Color is something everyone was born with, and using this term to shoot won’t qualify you to be a real policeman. Or the definition of policeman has changed?

Dear police officer, I may not speak fluent English nor have the same cultural behaviors/knowledge like you, but when you pointed your gun at me, I was really afraid and angry, and that fear and anger wouldn’t go away as long as you had your gun at your hands.

Hope you understand the reason that when you saw people who you held a gun at were crying and yelling. Not everyone is like you who has power. What they want just their dignity as human and all they could do is crying and trying to run away, but simple as that you don’t even want them to have.

Hope you understand all these before you open your fire.



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