nation with innovation


When you have a religion for long, its ideology is like an embedded mindset, influencing how you talk, behave, and act in every situation that triggers you. Belief is a representative of religion, and belief is a perception that formed in your mind after years of continuity of influences from where and who you might be talked to, what images you have exposed to, and what you have experienced.

It’s never a good feeling when you are proved that your perception of things might be inaccurate. Like a belief you have held on to for years and all the sudden someone comes out and tells you that that’s just a belief, a theory but never get proved by facts. And your implanted theory begins to shake, and through the process of denying and gradually you start to dig out the old mindset, and absorb what the new conception is, which forms another new belief.

Since long time ago US is well-known by its tech innovation and new ideas are taken into consideration for a business’s success, but it doesn’t mean every company has the same work philosophy. On the other hand, because China is a younger tech nation it absorbs new ideas and tries to compete in the global market.

That’s why Wechat came out strongly with integration of many tools like wechat wallet, voice communication, gaming, chats, share, neglecting the it’s supervised by Chinese government. This platform is a social media platform like Facebook and it once did copy other social media sites, but it integrates the culture of China where chat or comments are not publicly seen by people they don’t know. On the technical aspect, it’s an advanced tool to meet people’s needs and bring convenience into their lifestyle. It’s like a social community and it’s understandable that because China has banned other social platforms and that’s why Wechat got popular. However it’s technically innovated and serves the purpose of the group of people who share the same cultural values and interests.

Many tech companies like that are changing and growing in China. They also change the image of the nation. Neglect the fact that most of the cultural products like “home-made” phones and social platforms are only prevalent in mainland. Even though it’s still a closed nation like banning big internet company like google. Its technical boom is undeniable. Its products are not popular oversea because they are binding with government control.

Meanwhile, US as one of the top innovative countries, many companies’ culture are still suppressing the free expression of ideas. Sense of control is still existing in many executive teams. The 1% population doesn’t really want to share wealth with people who has ideas and innovate their company structure. In other words, they still want to be the lead of the business and in order to do that they deny new and minority voices often of time because they feel their power get threatened. Recently I feel hard to say to a naive person that business is often unethical when they not gonna tell you the truth instead they just hide it until you find out yourself.

Generalizing a definition to a nation is really broad. Many different ideologies are existing across many countries and companies. That would a lesson I’ve learned and the many possibility and different cultural system exists in every company. Just using one experience or theory applying to all is often one-sided.

Keep our eyes on the road, like the theme of the blog, roses and songs on the road, along with some scary species. Things absorbed could definitely help us to be strong and gradually a realization growing a bit everyday, and some sacrifice and admitting mistakes or misconception is one of the learning process with everyone of us.


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