the Lobster


Valentine’s day reminds me the movie Lobster, starring by Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, a cult film that uses alternative way to set satire tone on finding love and social conception on influencing what you should or should not be.

Instead of saying it takes place in a near future, let’s say in a surreal social group setting,  widows or singles join a program to find mate in certain time frame or they will be turned into an animal as what they wish. “Turning into an animal”is a label to mark them as being not “successful”.

Use a serious way to take comedy to a high pitch, “turn you into an animal if you fail to match” idea is absurd but interesting.  It’s like a common social setting with many of the social programs or churches that help people to conform to a norm, which tradition or society has once given to influence people’s perception of who they are or what are the standards they should all want to be. And because human nature is wanting to be alike, they want to join and be part of something, and that something once gives them meaning to continue living.

Theory is being theory, but what if I don’t fit in? so let’s going back to the story to see how it’s unfolded, in that specific program there are people who cheated to get mate in order to “survive”, while there are others who “survive” by keeping themselves into the pool by mating a good amount numbers of others. All the social anxiety has been built up from there.  what if I’m not one of them?

The “lobster” man Colin Farrell has felt pressure about that. He can’t really find the true love, and after he breaks the rule of showing emotions, he decides to run away.  Then he finds a loner club where members are forbidden to find love. Then what happen next?

Political parties, culture, group of religion, and society are the forms of authorities, they try to shape belief in people’s mind and set up rules for punishment when they break them, visible or invisible. These two groups that he was in are both serious and have strong faith and system to protect what they believe, in a way that makes people question what is the meaning of joining a group and doing things that everyone else does? Why conform to a tradition just because we want to be alike? Can we be someone that is different?

So in valentine’s day giving flowers and gifts are some sort of like confirming to the norm of a group of thinking or a culture. Girls like to take selfie of themselves receiving flowers or just showing off a sweet kiss with their significant others.  Just because if you don’t do it you feel lonely or people think you are lonely? Again it’s all about what a tradition and group has given something a “meaning” or try to influence a big amount of population to believe that this “something” should be in certain way and you all should behave the same to “worship” it, nonetheless it isn’t necessary a real thing for an individual to act on to it.

Holiday is just a gimmick. Traditions belong to a big group of people, and I’m glad that I’m not part of it.



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