the intimacy, the departure

Listening to Beach House’s new album, Thank Your Lucky Stars,
Leaving the city where I first started,
that I was once familiar with.

Thanks to my lucky stars providing my safely departure once again,
Before I wake up in my next destination.

The city lights are shining,
Continued or discontinued,
Along with the lights from the departure tracks,
Sending me away with fading out signal.

They are telling a story,
If each light has a story,
The city is full of different stories.

It’s so beautiful but time to say goodbye to your false intimacy.
Lucky stars says,
You are never familiar with anyone.

Everything is fading away with a blurred version,
Lights are just a reminder of who you once were.

Leaving behind is the place filled with my memories,
Flying to a place that will erase my past.
And maybe you will need to keep flying and flying.
Lucky stars says,

Are we all at same point of our life chasing the same illusionary silhouette,
Believing anywhere we are heading to is better.

At least we are all trying,
even though it’s a long lonely fly.
When we look back,
We are persuading ourselves there’s no way back.

Because we are all unsatisfied at some point,
We are longing for something different.

Reality is all about feelings,
So no extra word is needed at this moment.
We are too busy to fill up our reality with something new every day.

Joanna Newsom’s Sprout and the Bean also in the playlist with the soft moon.
Melting the flying sensations.
The intimacy we once created,
The one we broke free without second thought.

Everything is as soft as the music,
It’s okay to close your eyes and pretend it never happened,
Even though maybe you are the only one who understand what it means.
Lucky stars says.


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