A little Self-help note for someone who gets lost

“When you haven’t really failed because it’s not something that you could have controlled in the first place.” a self-help book that tells us to laugh at our unhappy life because the factors that matter the most are not in our hands.

Environments has a wide range of elements and these and those try to shape impact in your life. And he says she says also is trying to make effect on shaping your opinions on things. One’s characteristics do the basic structure for a body while those outer factors are gradually influence how you look today.

Because of the nature of vulnerability, the humane nature to be alike, we have tried to make ourselves open to all the availability and opinions while we have no defense or filter of what we should absorb. With various nutrition and side-effects, we survive and continue with the confusion we grow in heart from hearing all kinds of voices from different directions.

All the sudden there’s a inner voice trying to tell us we are a failure. Because of what we have been mostly exposed to are successful life models through all kinds of media, and they try to tell us that the anti-hero type is not socially accepted yet. However, they don’t know we are all human, and we all have individual flaws. To accept our imperfection is the healthy nutrition that we should carry on in order to live more positively, sounds contradictive isn’t it?

At some point in order to escape the original environment we had, we have tried to be like someone we are not. In the modern world while all the opportunities are out there and they might or might not wait for us to take; however they are there for us to glance and let us know that there’s always possibilities at the place you didn’t see before.

Stephen Colbert’s new star guest list looks shining, wanting to interview each individual famous person in each field everyday? wanting to see how they succeed in their different life and using humors to be able to laugh at politicians and have fun with guests?

We all have a perfect persona in mind that we want to be, a model, a star, a hero, in order to forget our past, which established out a society where people walk in the same path to achieve something shining in life,  and one instance could be like gaining more followers in social media, but we are not a brand.

All the possibilities are opened up while they could also blur your version at the same time, in other words, to confuse you with who you really are or who you want to be.  All the voices from different directions try to influence you and drag you into different way, and you get lost and at the end you haven’t reached anywhere.

Then you will need to start somewhere new again, neglecting all the different voices, to find yourself again with all the possibilities and variety in the world. Sounds contradictive again isn’t it?

Emerge yourself with your own color instead of merging you with the color they try to spill on you. Because that way you won’t have the whole set of color you want since it’s theirs, in order to survive yourself you have to have your own voice, your own set of living model. With that unavoidably you got to be influenced by others but not be influenced totally. World is always contradictive in some way.

Being an explorer is able to throw yourself into the middle of nowhere to start everything from scratch. Make yourself available for any new things, idea, and challenge. To get familiar with the new environment even though they speak different language, you could still dance with them while accepting who you are.

Making yourself available to new environment but keep your own voice, seek your path to where you feel most comfortable and you know you will finally get something there, something you really need instead of fulfilling what others want.

Never lose yourself again even though you know it’s unavoidable for most people with the assistance of possibilities that are opened up by technology. If you have accepted who you are, understand that circumstances are and will be always out of control because of the changes everyday, you might save you from failing with the trap the modern world has set you up to; you might stand stably at the spot you have made out for only yourself, but not somebody else.


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