Joyride on the road

copcarKevin Bacon’s new movie Cop Car could be a fun ride while watching it because of its unpredictable plot like a rolling coaster inside an unconventional story.

Film started with two rebellious kids saying “bad” words on the wide open road. Wideness of the road opens up all the possibilities, and the new future is waiting for them silently like an unwritten chapter which is going to be composed with their curiosity and the interaction with their “encounters” on the road.  All the fun and trouble begins when they found a cop car without anyone in it. Their curious nature encourages them to “ride” on the car, and the “real world“ events starts to arrive on them.

A scene from Jon Watts' COP CAR, playing at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival, April 23 - May 7 2015.It could be the beginning of new learning, learn how to drive,  how to use a gun,  how to identify bad guy from good guy, how to make big life-changing decisions, all start when they take the chance to start the fun-ride journey. What they are unaware is there’s a person in the back of the car, and Kevin Bacon as the cop is searching for them.

About the back story behind the plot – How the criminal got into the car? what’s the deal between him and the cop? Is the cop a good guy or bad cop? All aren’t clearly spelled out but it’s not in attention now since the current is composing itself. The cop and the injured guy might be more powerful but they are the side characters now because we as audiences are with the two kids who are in charge of the cop car, in charge of their fate that is about to turn. Sounds fun isn’t it? Or you smell danger?

Just like in real situation, sometime we don’t know where things came from why they are in front of us. All we know is sort of guessing, and start to make decision how to use it after we decided to use it.  And of course while it’s fun it’s also a payback. The gun shooting, the tension, the trap, the chasing, and the killing are the aftermath like happening to teach them a lesson.  And the most important thing is there’s no way back.

After all the fire when they are free at the end, accidentally, but not totally.

joyrideThe movie combines the fun ride of how children behave when they see a new thing and make it their own like a toy. Just like many other curious kids, they can’t foresee the unpredictable consequence that will come out. They know it might be trouble awaits for them, but they see more the fun and adventurous side.  On the other hand, it puts audience into two kids’ journey, a new exciting experience with danger in it.

There’s no right or wrong in the story while there’s no clearly spelled-out back-story or direction to take. There’s only “first-come-first-serve” plot that all comes with “good-nature but curious to see what happen” intention, where fortune is mixed with actions like rolling a die. They choose to roll it so they are prepared to take whatever will come out.  Some might get the “nothing happens” result, some are the unfortunate.

Just like many others we are not aware what is ahead for us sometime, we choose to open the mysterious box and want to see what’s inside, whether there might be nothing or an ugly toy with unpredictable payback like it will make joke with us. Nonetheless, with the temptation of a whole set of adventure and excitement, even with a whole life chapter we might learn to remorse what we have done, at this moment we are going for it, which is human adventurous nature to some degree, no matter how old we are.


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