Ghost Cat, a body snatcher story

catI have an orange cat named Buddha, medium-long hair, two furry ears embedded in his round head, clumsy fuzzy tail that puts a trace on every path he passes, and white paws with curiosity as his identity.  He is a cute little being with careless mind and adventure spirit.  He would follow you around and play with everything that you holds at hands to get your attention.

But you wouldn’t believe what I saw last night.

When his outdoor mood is on,  he usually scratches the door until the free world is opened up for him, and he usually stays in our own backyard.  I let Buddha out as usual at night because he is a night warrior.  Last night I didn’t know what had driven him to explore further, and somehow he got into my neighbor’s yard with fence in between, and the same time when I saw him got trapped in neighbor’s territory through the backdoor window I also saw a cat looks exactly like Buddha was approaching the backdoor steps like he is going back home from outside.

He is exactly same size same color same eyes same furry ears fuzzy tail and round head as Buddha! God I swear they look the same except the ghost cat doesn’t have white paws, and I hadn’t seen this cat since I lived in this house for two years!

The weirdest thing is while Buddha was blocked by neighbor’s fence and couldn’t find his way home the ghost cat stayed in our yard and acted like he owns the yard, which only Buddha does and of course it’s his yard. The ghost wasn’t scared of me, and even more he tried to come in from behind the door. He stared at Buddha and prevented him from coming back so he could be joining our home.

It took me a long time to go out in order to grab Buddha because the situation was freaking me out. When I approached where he was staying, he lowered his head and acted like he was ready to attack, “I’m an imitation but so what?!”

After I grabbed Buddha back from neighbor’s yard. The ghost cat disappeared for a while. When we all got into the house, we heard noise from outside. He was making angry noise behind the backdoor, and after a while he found his way to the front and continued making weird noise at us and tried to break in, acted like we forgot him outside while he belongs to this household.

God that’s the creepiest night I have ever had!

(Note: Fear comes from one’s imagination rather than from the physical things. Confession is I have so many stories going on in my mind and when I see living things I’d fantasize them fulfilling the images, the story, and cultural concept I make up.  It’s an idea I fear the most and the circumstance is where my mind gets trapped in. Maybe that’s another danger of being a cinema grad- you see stories everything, you see characters in every living being, and of course  you have biggest fear that drags you down.)


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