In and out of a Painting

the painting4As human we like dreaming, dream about the world that is far away and different from the one we are living in now; dream about we become a part of this foreign world and play a role in it; dream about what we participate in doing with different setting of environment and surrounding characters.  Maybe in real life we feel trapped in our dull and standardized world.

Just like audience watching a movie, imagining one is inside of a character’s mind, replacing a reality borrowed from outside world it becomes the new reality. A French animation the Painting opens up a fresh version of movie, where it combines several different settings inside the story, by the body of varied frames of art work, by mixing the reality of real and unreal with animation and film.

Exploring from one painting to the other paintings, and going inside another world that you don’t belong to, maybe you will make friends sharing the same characteristics; maybe you will find interesting people to share your story; maybe you will find place that impress you and give you inspiration to carry on with your own life.

paintingThe story naturally unfold and three characters accidentally go out and search for the painter who left incomplete “halfies” characters and unfinished “sketchies” in their “painted” world. That comes naturally just like things’re inevitably going to a direction which is affecting characters to take on their new journey in a way they didn’t expect. And because of their characteristics and circumstance they are taking the risk of seeing something new but at the same time it might put them into danger.

Just like most of the adventure stories, characters go to different world while they carry the same mission, to find the main person who could change their world. This movie portraits it in an interesting way that whole adventure thing takes place in a small artist’s room while different painting represents different world. And these worlds are integrated in the back of the correlating setting of society.

the paintingThe painter inside the painting, and another painter paints self-portraits inside another painting, which symbolize the repeated action of human activity. When a person with certain kind of traits and emotions he implements those inside his work, and different period of time of artwork reflects different stage of sensation the artist has at that moment. Therefore it has angry, happy man or woman in every different painting.

Inspired by the cause and solution from one reality and apply it to another reality is one of the philosophies from the movie. Like taking the painting supply equipment from one art work, and bringing the other from the artist room, and carrying them back to the original world, characters try to fix the problem they face like painting the “unfinished” characters, which tells that in the process of searching, you might not find the answer or solution but you might find inspiration to how to solve your issue borrowing from other world you went to for seeking.

It all comes down to one’s initiative to learn from outside of the box and create your own solution. Exploration is the way to go while you feel trapped in your tiny space and while all the people in the very setting push you to go out to take a look of the different world. Or you are aware of another solution or other reality existing for back you up, and most of the people fail to see the big picture and confine themselves inside the boundary of what they understand or where they live in.

the painting2At the end, Lola as the main character in the movie is the only one who comes out of the painting animation world and finds their painter in the real movie setting. The painter finally mentions the philosophy behind his unfinished work, which is giving more room and imagination for each individual character to use what they have and what they could borrow from somewhere else to make it become their own thing, and put up into their characters.  Everyone has to accept his or her imperfection, and it further creates free choice for them to fill up their characteristics or change personality by learning from the outside world, and through the exploration and action they take they are on the way of finding out who they are and what they want.

I will go and see who painted you, as the last line Lola tells the painter. She is the most curious character and she always wants to find out what’s next after the current situation, and un-satisfaction nature decides her character and the direction she’s taking.

Every character take different action based on what he/she wants or what his/her capability is. We all have different desire and the very thing encourages us to take risk, to go outside to see things we haven’t seen before. Then the dreaming become reality after we take the first step.  After adding a little nutrition to our sensation, the dreaming become part of our life.


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