A dish of ..

– A travel diary with selfie of “food”, a dish of movies.


The problem of being a film grad is wherever you go you try to create a scene, and put your imagination with people you see into characters you think they fit into for a movie scenario.

In Denver CO, a small breakfast corner filled with silent films’ orchestra sound tracks, a huge arms with no extra word waiter brought out the horror taste. When he slowly and cautiously placed silverware in front of us, the well organizing manner reminded me the polite silent killer in many horror-fever films.

Let’s not spoil the main dish, the little spices for appetizer is letting your film taste out.

Main Dish 

la3I watched La Notte while waiting for my airplane to come and close the curtain of my Colorado trip.  The film’s director Michelangelo Antonioni is famous for his movies Blowup and the Passenger which are two of his most commercial-successful masterpieces. His style of films generally portray characters alienated from each other, introverted screen presence with the distanced sense of relationship, the sensation that twiggling between things and people.  The long silence and the wondering of eyes remind us with realism that how we are indecisive in front of our emotions, in front of the decision making moments.  Be series with L’Avventura and L’Eclisse, the lasame silence with an empty look, the turn around stare, a stop-and-fast-turn-back-walking movement, it punctuates the message that people’s emotions are lost and failing to understand each other. However they want to be found again and reborn while also feel nostalgie in the ocean of their sensation and feelings through slow pace of the story.  In the movie the married couple look away (into separate ways) in many scenes, which foreshadows the inevitable different direction they head to with things happening without vocal explanation.

la2In contrast, nowadays’ Hollywood cinema fail to put space between sentences or silence between scenes, and lack of people looking each other without words.  They more focus on action movement and fast pacing story line. That way human’s slow wondering mind and emotions is sealed while Antonioni opens it up for film characters to develop with their complex sensation before they take the next move.  Here we feel like we are inside their mind to experience the things or emotions they go though. Through the gestures of turn-around looking, the indecisive distance of whether you should carry on or leave, it’s never an easy or fast decision.


Catching up the flight at the last minute, I realize the film is somewhat long and the consistent sawing noise at the aircraft door renders some feeling of terror in my imagination again.  Let’s take a nap, before my imagination blows up the balloon again. Let’s dream about a sweet dessert on my returning flight, but we all know that dessert isn’t necessary sweet it can be sour and out of ordinary.


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