the Forbidden winter

Millions snowflakes flying down from the sky,
They are light and soft.
For the heavy-sleeping winter,
It has been a long time,
Where are my hidden friends?

Sunshine dancing on the my desk by the reflection from the window,
Is time for something fun in the cold weather?
Is time to pick up the things we haven’t finished yesterday?

Listen to Future Island’s album,
Reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell,
Realizing that many decisions are made in split second,
The unconscious mind with snap judgment is the key to pick which door to open,
How interesting that we aren’t controlled by our built-in knowledge!
Can’t wait to read more about how to control back the thing we once loosed.

Then maybe we could save the things we have missed,
Maybe we could start from beginning.
Maybe there’s dilemma in every theory,
Sometime I wonder,
Our needs in different stage choose the puzzles for us to solve,
Or the random puzzles from different stage satisfied the needs we thought we have?

In the forbidden winter, anything seems sleepy,
But anything could be possible the next day,
To feel belong at this moment,
And know the moment will be gone the next second.

Maybe we will wake up in a strange city and explore everything new again.
Maybe we can’t wait to get there,
Maybe everything will be the same again,
And the same circle returns, and round and round,

Until we get dizzy, until we are tired,
And maybe we will stop.
But before that, no matter how old you are,
Just pretend we are kids,
As far as we don’t fall.

Even though we dream about falling the whole time.
We know that we are scared.
But we gotta start somewhere.
Try to find any hidden theory for everything.

The cold weather folks want to go to the warm climate,
The hot weather will make us miss the cold,
Maybe we are never satisfied with what we have,
No matter where we are now.
We always want something different.



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