Multiple realities in Coherence… A movie review

coherence Movie starts with a dining table with a bunch of friends in a relaxing atmosphere.  Suddenly a few minutes’ power outage foreshadows the begin of the mystery. Two of them going to the neighbor house for borrowing phone leads to a suspicious atmosphere with their starting to question the existing same group of people in the neighborhood house. The paranoid human nature flows out of the water.  Who is the real you and who is the fake one twists the whole story.

The mystical plot opens up the curtain of the quantum physics theories. It could be a modern version of Twilight Zone, the 50s’ TV show, where the mystical zone begins to take effect and the universe broadens out with multiple realities beyond the earth.coherence3

Maybe there’s no real or fake ones, but it’s just only which reality you are in. If you want to change your reality, no problem at all! Before the sun comes up, pick the ideal one you want to be in, defeat the same self that is in the reality. Then you could be her, I mean, you could be yourself in a different reality.

Parallel realities movie becomes a prevalent trend in modern sci-fi realm.  Another earth, I Origins, Mr. Nobody, Donnie Darko and Run Lola Run are some of the stand-out ones. When different realities are available, people turn back to revise their choices so that the outcome will be different. Therefore, the consequence-altering plot becomes an interesting subject.

In Coherence, the puzzle-like plot and the mystic mind game drag people into thinking:  if you could choose which reality to live in, which one will you choose? If you choose the one you think is the ideal one, will it never have problem coming out?And how do you face the same you in different reality, where you just made different choice, coherence2or where the events happened in another way randomly which affected you differently? How much will you need to scarify in order to sneak in the “perfect” reality you want to be in? Will it be perfect after all.

It’s an interesting topic to get into, also it resets a perfect timing to challenge people’s moral values and their choices under pressure, or under different set of circumstances. Human nature flows out of the dark and mystic water at the end while the protagonist makes such a decision to change her reality.

Edward Wilson in book the Meaning of Human Existence mentions “we are devoted to stories because that is how mind works-a never-ending wandering through past scenarios and through alternative scenarios of the future.”

Because when people have choices in front of them, they pick the one based on their experiences and knowledge, and if they have experienced the somehow same, or similar-setting circumstance, they would definitely choose a different one, whether it will be better or worse. They all believe it’s going to be better even thought it turns out not like they expected. Their curiosity chooses a different path for them, but it’s not always a good one.


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