A boat’s theory

Tonight I feel like we are like a loose rope-less boat flowing on the ocean. There are so many directions we could have gone to or they are still waiting for us to choose. We are lost and once want to be picked up and once want to break free and eventually feel lost again.

People in their teens and twenties experience the most changes which shape their direction they will head to for the near future. What they want to achieve consciously or unconsciously determines what they are doing today.sea_and_boat

Desire and motivation are the compass of your life journey.  And of course, what kind of people you met or will meet during that time and what encounters/fate that chose you in random selection doing their job in shaping your physical and mental appearance.

But without motivation and desire, the boat will lose its compass, and it’s going nowhere. Once this is solid, it will drive the boat heading somewhere in a very fast speed.

One thing is for certain that people want different things in different stage. People used to think that they want one direction and they will head to that direction whatsoever happens, but it’s just a rare case. With extending definition of modern multi-dimensional life, with help of digital technology opening up the boarder of our life, with satisfying material level base, people are living in a life while thinking of changing all the time.

Stability is a different issue. It’s like stable status of the boat. It decides how far you could flow in the ocean, so it’s important and almost everyone wants that, but it doesn’t contradict with the concept of loose direction of modern life.

The encounters in different social environment with different surroundings have effect on shifting their attitudes. Which further influence their behaviors changed. Then the outcome will be different and that’s when the wheel of the boat starts to turn to different direction.

People like to think the boat is the center of their world, which is true and where is selfies came from. The boat is one of the many boats that is flowing in the ocean and the person “me” am on the boat but not on the other’s.

The ocean is calm and somewhat fair to every boat, but particular weather is varied in different area, and the weather might impact the ocean to influence a boat to shift or help it to get stronger, but without the weather the boat may not be knowing which way to go.

edward-hopper-night-hawks-1942It reminds me one of Edward Hopper’s paintings. Characters are hanging out in one of the many bars, and there’s no way out with any existing door.  Unless you find your motivation and draw a door, otherwise you will be trapped in your endless searching for direction and the empty room provides space for you to contemplate your next destination.

Or it could be the other way around, you chose this destination with this no-exit room. Outside is empty and you know that if you are outside you will be lost again, and because you don’t want to be lost in the unknown darkness, you prefer to stay in the trapped room.

It might be all my imagination. Imagination spreads everywhere in the dark. Imagination can be good, but it is not always good. It could exaggerate your fear like inflating a balloon that is gonna explode. With enough fear it will turn people to escape their original journey and seek for a new direction on the ocean.

Human’s biggest enemy is his own fear, and this fear again puts one into the endless searching and being lost in great danger, and a great danger might help renew one’s life, but it’s never good or bad, it’s in grey area combining with both.

For the damn ocean, it’s huge and it never have solid and clear way to trace or direction to follow. We decide which way to go, and change it afterward becomes the necessary thing.


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