Movie: Nightcrawler

nightcrawler-movieAs a character driven film with mystery and heavy crimes scenes, Nightcrawler brings out a new era for movies.  With a protagonist with blended characteristics, a definition away from either good or bad, along with his business I have never seen in any other movies before, which is a career that is made to fit into the busy and heavy-crimes social environment and lifestyle of LA city. It’s a new kind from a whole bunch and it’s unique and makes audiences think from a miniature reflection of what it tries to portray.

Blended characteristics– Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, an aggressive and ambitious character who tries everything to succeed for his crime-scenes news journalist career, is the hero who doesn’t fall at the end of the story. His character is in the grey area between good and the bad. I assume most of the audience will hate him because he scarifies everyone for his own success. Plus Gyllenhaal plays the character so well that you have hard time to get out of his deeply focus eyes that foresee every upcoming big moment that will brings him glory. It’s an arguable character and what he did is not something a good character in traditional films will do. However, in a generation that people tries everything to succeed, especially for the group that has “not-that-good” background like Bloom but has desire to climb up in the society, as a character having nothing to lose he tries everything to get what he wants in his business. He manipulates things and people to come into his way to help him build his glory, and if not he makes them disappear and uses them as a prop in the scene he creates for his news story.   nightcrawler

New kind of career– In a busy and rapid-pacing society in LA, everything has to be done fast and you are better get it now and get it quick than later and before other person gets it.  In addition, you will be judged based on your past and background, like Bloom.  If you don’t have sufficient background or supporting system, you have to take risk to begin a new career yourself or begin something that no one is dare to do. In that kind of culture, you don’t care about falling or failing, what you care is whether you lose the chance to succeed. Doing what you like and what you are capable of doing pushes yourself onto the rolling roaster of the a new kind of business, and in the game, you have to be smart and use whatever you can to survive. It’s either live or die situation and you don’t want to sink down in this society that is realistic and cold with what you have and what you don’t have. Your intelligence and your risk taking level determines your ambitions of driven for success.

Many people would like to live in fair tales with happy ending while Nightcrawler is a dark night movie that creates a reality where characters are living in a cruel world. In this world you need strong desire to try everything to survive. Its reflection brings us thinking, what makes the character the way he is? Is it this very society? The impact with the cruel world is people become crazy of who they are. Craziness could destroy things and also create new kind of success for certain character. Because of what the world have formed them into, besides what they had to trained themselves from the cold rejection at the first point, they have no choice otherwise. And if you are not Bloom you wouldn’t understand it.


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