the Standoff

Hong Kong, Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)Occupy central movement in Hong Kong has been started years ago, and the conflict was raised from the 2012 candidates “artificial vote” for chief executive was secretly chosen by Beijing.

The activists want Beijing to give Hong Kong a free vote for its next chief executive, which Beijing has rejected. The “one country, two systems” that the country once promised has failed into a lie.

Ten of thousands pro-democracy people blocked street for protest since last weekend while the riot police responded them with tear gas, the issue was raised to a new peak. Umbrella Revolution becomes the new word for the movement because protestors use umbrella as a symbol for defense against pepper spray that the police used on them.

Now let’s unfold the situation and face it with two sides-

Side A: for a country who bans fb, twitter, youtube, wordpress, and eventually google, those world-wide big internet companies, for the reason to not have digital platform for free speech, who has used violence to “tank down” the students in June 4 1989 Tiananmen Square, who bloodily swept Tibet for the “violence” they claimed. If you expect a country did all these could compromise to your democracy, you should think again. You are talking about a nation that admire a chairman who killed the most people in history for the leadership. Their power can’t be threatened.

Think about it that way, if they let you have democracy, how about the mainland cities? are they going to follow and copy what HK did, and how about TW, who has been a target that BJ tries to grab back? Look into their mind you will know they are not only let you be the unique one. This word doesn’t exist in a country like that unless you follow their rules, but if you follow their rules the “unique” word doesn’t exist the other way around either.


Side B: for Hong Kong people who have been influenced by British cultures and have western political background for a hundred year. Are they going to give up their freedom to whoever tries to control them even though they helped them to build their economy?

They want freedom that they had been having, and they want real democracy by the influences with their open sources. Their world wide insights is more open and westernized than people who live in a world with limited digital sources. As a result they are not going to be silent or numb as the mainlanders. However because their lack of political power, they have to use protest to declare a war to the authority.

If you understand those two sides, you could understand the standoff is not likely to be solved easily unless either side will give in, however it’s not likely to happen because neither side wants to. If you know your enemy’s perspective, you could be more likely to understand the situation. Expressing anger is not gonna solve the issue but if they don’t stand up, they will be matched in, and become invisible, and their voice become unheard. Thus, the tension is still going on.

Smile when you understand what your enemy thinks, and eventually defeat them. However, they can’t smile because the position isn’t in balanced, and they have been in a lower one since the BJ controls the vote for the chief executive who has the power to make changes to the city, in other words, to control the people.  And of course the strong side, the authority from the country, never will think from your perspective, it’s all about killing or giving in, and giving in is never an option for them.

Therefore, people are fighting from their side. The tension is inevitable while the protest is necessary to carry out a change otherwise the people will sink down to the darkness the power controls.

It’s all about politics, it’s the matter of who has power and who doesn’t. You can be silent at this moment, but you can’t be unaware of that. It’s a grey area, many things can’t be solved within a short period of time and it has to wait for time and solutions to release the tension, and it won’t be easy.


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