A little note from two girls..

Two 7 or 8 yrs old girls approached me at my front desk on Sunday and gave me a little tissue wrapping something inside. “It’s for you.” and they timidly ran away. At first I thought oh it might be some candies they couldn’t finish from the candy machine. While I was opening it I saw there were some letters inside the white piece of tissue, I thought then oh it is a little note from them what they try to say, I was curious what their cute intention is. Of course I wouldn’t picture any complaint words about the food, you know kids don’t do that sort of things, only adults do.

The piece of paper embeds some words with “dear workers, your food is really good and you are amazing…when we grow up we just want to be sheriff (chef) like you.” I don’t know how they figured out spelling sheriff, it definitely has more letters than chef but it immediately brought me into tears. Their childlike handwriting just amazed me and their intention was really sweet. I was smiling back to them and they were shy and hided away.

I admire children on how they are honest with people without hiding. They tell you right away what they think and even a little intention like that. Adults, on the other way they show up they are not hiding but most of the time they are. Their thought is way more complicated and they might think “working in a restaurant is low and I wouldn’t like it no matter how good the food is.”

When people grow up they add up/plant many layers into their mind base on their personal experiences and the lectures they learned in the society, they filter things in a multi-layered way and gradually lost the innocent and pure thoughts that kids once have.

Children create things they mean while adults destroy things they don’t mean. Because of their desire they use many lies to accomplish something or to hide their intentions while kids tell you right away about their innocent thought, which is to make amazing food.

A friend of mine told me she made the same decision of what I did and she felt influenced by me. Being honest might take years to be really face yourself, but kids would do it right away.

If a person has been honest to what she feels at the first place, she wouldn’t need to hide anything and days go pass easily. However people learn how to hide with the circumstance that benefit themselves and they suffer from hiding what they really want. They might have overdone stuff, they might have underdone it, whatever they have done is not the way they want but they did it anyway. It comes out the result is not what they want. Their desire isn’t always brings happiness, nor the consequences they really want. But you gotta know when to stop.

Masks are for adults to wear while kids face you with their pure heart. Every stage put you into different faces with dress you made, but whether the dress fits you and makes you show up beautifully it all comes down to how you made it or how you wear it.



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