The Twilight Zone, the Mystical Chapters

Enter the twilight zone,  there’s a lot of mysteries unfolded with twisted plots in the way that it unexpectedly shifts the normal thinking. The early 60s’ TV show is about dimensions, investigating the human and the things they are unaware of, and further bringing consciousness of our behaviors and skeptical criticism of the social norms.Twilight-Zone The mystical zone counters our normal way of looking at subjects and conveys us a different way of thinking and perceiving things.

The Monsters are due on Maple street

The sudden unexplainable things happen in the Maple street that brings the neighbors to begin doubting each other and drawing enemies out of the blue. Because of the fear that comes out from nowhere, and mysteries within that zone that human can’t explain, they try to rationalize it by suspecting someone else as the “alien” and making up stories that they want to believe to be true.

The manipulation from the outside source builds enemies within. The fear of the unknown brings paranoiac, and it future brings wars. Doubt unfolds and loosens bond of trust. Human are fragile to break because of their paranoid nature and the lead to destroy them is not breaking them, but to make them become enemies and start a war with each other.

the philosophy behind it-

That applies to our lives is seeing what we are seeing doesn’t mean it’s the whole picture. Because things invisible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. However because what we seeing easily drags us into assumption that has no direct meaning leading to the truth itself.  We are too involving with the current incidents around us and the direct influences and forgetting about being skeptical about seeing what’s behind all these and figuring out the full picture behind the wall that blinds us and the obstacle that hinders us to see.

Seeing through all these is not easy since we are all human and have flaws that we are easily to be manipulated and shaped our opinions on something we don’t know because of the random objects we see at this moment with our eyes and we are dragging into believing it’s the full one.

It could be like media influences, the mass impact the only sources that shape our beliefs, but what we really believing is really on the hands of some small group of others. The invisible hand that manipulates our behaviors and future destroy us and move us into the direction that we’re believing is the right way that in deed it’s just an illusive reality that someone else drew for us.

the Eye of the Beholder

twilight-eye8The silhouette of staff in the hospital are the majority and the female bandaged patient is the odd subject who is covered to not being or seeing the world they think she doesn’t belong to.

When her bandage is off, her beauty is contrast with the mass in the hospital and she is scared of it because she thinks she is different. What defines difference? Does being different mean you are not welcome?

the philosophy behind it-

It’s all about perception, perception, perception.

What is the definition of beauty? The social forms shape it within the culture they once created. Who shapes the culture? The majority defines beauty based on what they are like.

Being different and breaking the norms needs bravery. She once wants to be alike while she doesn’t realize her own beauty. The definition falls into the palm of the society, which gives meaning to everything every standard of life. For many of us we are just the cultural products.

We start to question why we need to be the same. Does being the same means receiving a better life? The society gives us too many standards we don’t have to follow, but because we have to make sense with our world, we follow what we have been told. Then we fall into the self-doubt of being normal or maybe beautiful. Even though we are not sure we believe what we see the most and the way the society has been influencing us is the right way to perceive things? Who defines the right way? I guess it’s what you want to believe or whether you want to break the social norms.

We are all individually different and we aren’t the products the mass produces.

There’s no reality but our beliefs and feelings shape one for us; in other words, we live in an illusion that the society has been built up for us, and whether to break it or bare it is our choice.

Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Five-Characters-in-Search-of-an-ExitFive characters are trapped into a world where there’s no exist. They wants to climb up the wall they have no sense of, and they think they once have a life at somewhere else because they have different personality.

When one eventually climbs out, he falls into the snow. The final picture is they are toys that people sell for holiday. They are alive in their world but just puppets in the big real world.

the philosophy behind it-

The story tricks our thinking and unfolds a story with a twisted ending. Ones think they are unique they are alive in their characters, but when they climb up and out of the snow, they find out that they are just stuff toys in the real world. They are to be sold and they serve as a non-human beings.

We are proud of ourselves but at the same time we are unaware of how small we are in the big world even each of us has different unique characteristics inside. For the bigger version of world, we are a decoration and live in a world we have no control of.

When it applies to politics  I guess all makes sense.

However when we are down with walls, we try to make sense of everything. We try to climb out of what we have been trapped with. We are alive in our world which is what matters the most to us. We don’t want to believe we have no power or no life in other people’s eyes, but the end is sad and twisted in a way that we falls into a realm we are nobody. The mystery is solved and we are not satisfied.




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