the Holiday Season

Fun is for the arrival of the holiday season! Trying to turn away from my negativity (say goodbye to my holiday hatred diary), we escape from the city to the country side. I grew up in a lot more nosier city so suburb will not be a place I want to live in, but it’s a journey to experience and explore new things that I had no idea before. The peaceful side of the country and the fun I can’t have in the city will be perfect for a different experience in the summer.

Having couple mixed drinks, we start to head to a friend’s house. Four animals dancing in a car, drinking and rolling in the country side is one of the high lines of the summer time. Old songs new music whatever that brings us the memories and rhythm and beats we could dance with it.  Moving our bodies like crazy, we compose the idiotic forms of dance, which we consider as a form of high art, which some people consider us as crap artists, but it doesn’t matter. The rolling car is like a zoo being too crowed and too much fun for the species inside, we have so much passion and the joy spills everywhere. Enjoying the moment is our theme for the holiday theory.

The farm the farm animals the ongoing introduction to new people, it’s get-together party and drinks stimulate us to enjoy the conversation and relax ourselves for the moment.

fireworks starsNight arrives, countless different kinds of fireworks are shot to the sky, trying to make impression of the kingdom we created. Crazily, fireworks burn several holes on my skirt, the protective skin. They commit suicide on the wall like stars sliding down from the sky with high lines and smashing their heads somewhere. They hit they stop they fall down they reach somewhere. Feel like shooting is everywhere and no place is safe and we consistently hide and seek for a safer spot under the rain of the flamboyant effect that people put on for their craziness.

Getting on a drunk’s four wheelers and I’m scared I’m gonna die any second for the risk I shouldn’t have taken. Flying with tree branches on side passing like shape knifes I think I should say good bye to my nostalgic of childlike side. And finally it ends safely and see the wheelers flip over and the drunk is underneath it. I am amazed I was not in the scene and the drunk is fine after all. It’s quite a story. City boys and girls, or the countryside folks, we are same just bored as hell.

Lighting bonfire on the farm with endless space I feel so peaceful. We are rolling our head with music, listen to smashing pumpkin the 93s album that doesn’t sound old in current era, just like Pink Floyd, their music never die no matter how long it takes, the impact is still here. Comparing them to some creepy bands that was popular 10 years ago but already sound dated now, we share the memories and fun together. People should seek ways to connect with each other and we are glad that we appreciate the time that we feel connected at this moment no matter where we came from.

There’s always some moments that last forever some don’t. It’s part of music and also part of life. Before it ends, before we come back to our normal life, we spoil this moment with our own feelings with laugh and we smile it’s never too late to realize that.


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