Wars with mice/rats…a brutal story

(note: this bloody story isn’t for people who r under 18, or animal lovers. If you like mouse or rat as a pet please don’t read it! It will make you uncomfortable.)


Wherever I move to I always end up with starting a war with house mice or rats. They are like shadow, haunting me and chewing my safety zone and I have to fight in every new place to survive and to defeat my fear of them.

Brutal War One-

First of the war I was living in a SF basement and I always kept my place clean. However they always visited me in an unexpected way. One time I opened a door and I saw one small little black mice was staring at me. Eyes touched for 5 second I was the first one who jumped up to my chair and screamed. I’m big but I am scared of a small being. What an ironical feeling. Their existence threatens me.

So the next day I got a spinning trap and put some bait in it. The I placed it at the corner of my bedroom where I heard the most noise, probably because I heard them most when I sleep. The next morning I heard some moving noise and  I knew I got the temptation working. Quickly enough I heard trap-in noise and the door of the tool closed sharply. I know he was in. I heard struggling and screaming noise and it startled me for a long time and I had to press my hands against my ears for my own struggling of killing vs. my sense of safety being.

The end was expected and I threw the trap always with something inside but the story didn’t end. Some more came in and once one grey one was laying on my bedroom floor and like he was tanning under the sun on a beach. Because I was aware there were many entrances in the dark basement there were no way I could keep catching them so I had to move to a new place.

Result of the War: Half win Half lose.  I highly recommend the spinning trap because it’s effective in catching mice but it’s not humane.


Brutal War Two-

I moved into a three bedroom apartment and one girl always left the wooden entrance door open. I had a open walked-in shower place that was where that the story began.

A big rat was despair with water would always sneaked in the dark while we were all sleeping and left his waste on the shower floor the next morning to mark his existence at night.

I was fiercely afraid of him because of the consistence of his left-over and one night I heard him coming to my bathroom again. I came out of my bedroom door and saw him was in the the place I was expecting. My heart beat went up 100 degree and I closed my bedroom door immediately and was planing a way to either catch him or scary him away. But of course scaring him strategy isn’t working because the fear that knows you are afraid is not gonna go away. As a result I had to face it with my own war. Trying to scary him couple times it didn’t work he was still in the shower place enjoying his consumption of water, I closed the bathroom door.  Knowing that there isn’t any window in the bathroom. I simply made him face the same fear he had brought me.

Closing my bedroom door again I pretended everything was okay. I started to hear noises he made in order to make the door open, or make me open the door. Of course no one heard him especially me because I was cold with war. I had to do it brutally.

He was crazily running or jumping in the bathroom, the world or space he was trapped in. I heard the noise and press my ears against with my hands again. In heart I don’t want to be a killer but only when they bring me fear. Out of natural instinct I didn’t stay in my room that night. The next day when I came back and opened the bathroom door cautiously I saw a brutal world- waste with 5 feet high in every corner and he was exhausted and laid inside my small trash can on top of the sink. He was near death from all the jumping around and attempt of committing suicide or trying many strategies to escape. I ended up cleaning the whole room myself and throwing him out with the trash bag and I don’t think he was dead. He was just pretending he was in order to run away.

Result of the war: won but lots of work afterward.


Brutal War Three- I just started in my current MN house with purchase of all the hardcore traps because we heard noise of they chewing the roof and the wall.


Why I’m writing a blog  for telling a war with some filthy animals?

Maybe because they remind me the nasty things  we have encountered in life or bad memories we had and even though we try to avoid them and move far away but they still come back and haunt us…in a different form.

They built up the fear inside me like a ghost or a shadow for years but I realize I have to face them somewhere new again. Again it’s not for animal lovers to read this because they wouldn’t have understand of the environments we have been in and the same fear we had with it.

So please forgiving me being a monster once in my life as a bloody warrior.



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