Central Park Five, zipped up with a social issue

Central Park Five, the case happened in 1989’s New York, mixed with racial issue and questions about our justice system that are poured out from the surface, after the five innocent victims came out in public spoke angrily about the darkness in the society. The social issue is being exposed to the vulnerable in the society,  to be aware of what racism or the injustice system are capable of doing, they could drag you down, and you will be drown with a massive weight that you shouldn’t carry.

Laws are made to protect the group who knows how to manipulate the mass and the minorities who don’t feel securedcentral-park-5 about themselves, who don’t have political power in the society. That’s the way the polices in NY accused those black teenagers into the crime of raping a jogger, even with their empty hands of evidences.

At the corner of the street, who follow the people with colors? It’s the police cars. What they have for putting up a sign of accusation and judgment toward those blacks? It’s nothing but their very racist stereotypes against colors, their fear of them.  Have they look at you as a person, a particular one? or just someone with a group picture, filled with something that you can’t change since you were born. No matter who you are or what you have inside, from outside you look like one of them. Sorry, the cop says, Can you stop and let me search you? They come with power but blind eyes.

That’s why Caucasians carrying drugs or gun is always safer than an African American carrying nothing, in a society that people are superficial enough to using authority power to go over something, or a simply mind that is filled with the quick release stereotype to judge everything.

In the Juries side, people who came as juries think the color brings those five crime. The bias can’t separate those Central Park Five from what they have seen in TV, or just with the pure thought that was implanted and imbedded in their brain so that they can be lazy to not erase or put individual characters in it.

Thanks to the 2012’s Central Park Five documentary, we can see what really happened in a way that we would never know from the other side’s story, like being with a manipulative world that those law carriers put up. It all makes sense to a society whose laws are made to protect them. It’s all about who has power who doesn’t. You protect your own people and destroy the rest.

One of biggest human weakness is they can’t see from other people’s perspective even though they claim they can. Because they are just simply not them. They try the best to serve whatever benefits them the most, whatever they feel like, whatever they think is right, condemn who they think is wrong. With multilayer of things that they have no clue at finding the whole truth. At that moment, you just need to know who you are standing with, and that determines your testimonies.

It reminds me the movie Under the Skin. The alienated race that turns the alternatives into ash, the big plot falls down, I begin to think who is the real us? Are we the real monster?


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