A kid in the playground

Everyone is talking around me but I hear nothing,
I say to myself that it’s the last time I lost it,
Head reaching the ground while my legs hits naturally to the cold metal,
The pain is the consequence for tomorrow and this moment I got the brutal proven,
That I can do things that they don’t believe I could.

My body is small but I know that it will become big one day,
I know til the time arrives I will prove I’m right,
Because my soul is everywhere it needs to expose itself,
Adult are trying to wipe me with influence but they don’t understand,
If they get it they won’t be that boring,
At least they should understand why I want fun.

artworks-000057044136-aavhhc-originalWhen silence can’t hide the noise inside,
It has to be out to speak out for itself,
It seeks for a form to express until it’s not a noise anymore,
Even thought it loses itself in the air,
It’s still seeking for the meanings of existence.

The surroundings/encounters change it and reshape it,
It’s shaped by any strong wind into various directions,
The way it never expected or predicted,
It becomes not itself anymore.
Wonder what’s the point of letting it out.

Releasing the wildness is my solution,
Away from being dragged into the boredom,
But you know that it brings hurt,
Like falling down on the ground with bruise over the body,
It doesn’t matter as far as this moment I feel free.
Mother says you are just a kid.
I know that I will get some blame.

The sky is dark and park is empty,
A few strangers are passing by,
They are not the ones I know,
And I’m not the one they care,
Playground is lonely and it’s time to do something fun,
Even the fun brings nightmare,
Even the endless darkness never goes away.
But I’m not scared


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