Under the Skin

The first scene of slowly moving objects melt illusions into the reality of space while touching the earth. It could be this shape and the other as well. It’s overlaping images at the same time It’s beautifully composed, and the distance of sound effect adds mysteries and darkness into the empty of dialogue. The sound penetrates the whole plot while you experience the alien form of story telling.

If you are an alien, why do you need to speak? Because you are the outsiders from the earth and whatever language you speak they don’t understand, and they don’t know what you want from them.


Let’s begin with some exploration with an outsider who is trying to experience everything. She wants to know every individual. She keeps eyes outside the window, on the road and every encounter makes her smile and the search for new objects on earth excites her.

I’m a big fans of alien films, but I haven’t seen any alien movie like Under the Skin.  It portraits the story from an alien’s perspective. It’s, unintentional, it’s mystical, with clean and effective visual effect bringing unspoken and deepest darkness of the unknown to the outsiders who sit far away from the screen and think that we understand what it conveys.

The temptation of the sex brings down men into the endless flowing darkness. Underneath it your skin starts to swollen time after time and eventually pops like a balloon. It’s terrifying to see your own dying,  at the same time it’s human curiosity to touch whatever that is in front of you and you know it’ll be your same fate, which brings endless despair. Because at the end you just become a skin of no one, underneath the skin you disappear into the emptiness.

The fate for the alien doesn’t change until she sees herself in another human, the one with a form that has the opposite look and value from what’s considered beauty or normal norm. She looks into the mirror and she knows deep down she is him.

She lets him go and it’s the turning point for her to turn away from her fate. In that way she begins her escaping journal, like many of us do nowadays, run away from who we were supposed to be, to become, or to forced into a form that serve the majority expectation. While she is not doing what she supposed to do, she lost herself, and encounters fear, love, confusion, and sexual harassment just like any other normal human being.

It’s a saddest ending I have seen for years. An alien tears herself into the darkest form which is the real her.  At the same moment when she becomes herself again without any mask, which is delivered with a terrifying image, she is destroyed by the human,  the alienated race that turns the alternatives into ash, the big plot falls down, the story comes to the end,  I begin to think who is the real us?


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