the Hunt


The first world the Hunt leads me into is that living in a small village where people’s opinions are shaped by the whole group belief, you can be in the center with respect today and the evil with disgrace the next day.  The unpredictable “windy” impact with mutil-connected consequences can inevitably fly in a shape that you are unable to made sense of.  Faces can turn into the direction with no predication which way it will go. With ascending amount and degree of changes by a pinch of fate you have no clue how it has come in with the way it is.

Before the day comes, the second thing that the movie taught me is we have little influence on how things go. We can’t control something that happens with a simple ignorable shape but at the same time it’s forming a tipping point that brings attacks as consequence, which affecting where things will go the next day.  We encounter the fate each day, and let it go with a way they want but with little control by us.  A small line from a looked-like insignificant moment can come back with a big wave that  is big enough to overwhelm you with all the kingdom you have built for years.

Even though the movie ends with a happy ending. The question reminds open. The shadow, the one you can’t see in the bright light, which is where you are now,  might shot you in a way you can’t predict. What you need to prevent remains unknown. It’s really the sudden act, the one from nowhere, which you have no sense of now, will try to shot you in heart, will sink you down to the darkness. You have to be quick to avoid, and fight to forget, what you need to be aware of is a small things might become big tomorrow, and the ugly truth is you have no control of it.



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