It’s all about health care

ObamaCare Reform, which is going to change the health care system in the near future, even after the Supreme Court passes it is still in a steep way to the final victory. Because when affordable care is the dream of the poor and struggling people, it is a burden for the super rich, and high income group who wants the tax cut to broaden their wealth. Republican is the representative.

They don’t want the national debt to be enlarged, the personal health privacy got offended, and the medicine private company profit got reduced. It’s understandable but not comprehensive for the mass.

US’ current medical cost belongs to one of the highest countries in the world while the health quality isn’t the best. To the opposite way, the health care quality is not good for the many people with serious disease and elders since it does have illness discrimination and it makes lots of people hard to afford it and their health spending becomes incredibly big.

Also the high cost of the health plan undoubtedly is a big punch to the face of the mass especially in the unstable economic circumstance. They wouldn’t go to see doctor when their early illness symptom appears for skipping the cost, so they couldn’t prevent it before the illness becomes serious. Then it’s vicious circle when the cost of the medical care becomes relatively big after the degree of illness gets higher.

Therefore, the new health care reform is the help for the low income group and even the middle class since their wealth got shrink. There have been concerns about shortage of the doctors and nurse, and medical equipments after the new law arrives, but we could also fill them up from our unemployed population and the manufacture that can future help increase the GDP.

About one of the main concerns the republican has in the health care reform really is the decrease the support of the big medical private companies that make ton of profit while monopolizing the medical field and hanging high the medical cost for the people.  Another reason is they want tax cut but health care reform demands the tax increase especially for the riches, which is different from their principle.

Thus all comes down to about money.  Like the revenge for 911 attack is for oil, same with blocking health care, it’s for protecting private companies’ profit and their wealth as hidden hint. They just use the provoking “sound-right” headlines to convince people while it’s unfaithful to be half true for their greedy main reasons.

If democratic didn’t have to fight with republicans all the time while one side just ignores the life of the mass and the poor or don’t care to take a look, we would have a better and quicker way to our well-being. One day we might be tired of two parties fighting that slows down our progress on it.


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