Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus as the prequel to Alien, is an epic film for many Sci-fi fans and who are crazy about Alien and Blade Runner (BR is one of the few movies that is better than novel in many people’s opinions). The expectation for the movie is like waiting for a high pitch in CG made environment film to continue director Scott’s legendary in Sci-fi realm.

Maybe because Alien and Blade Runner‘s shadows are so big that Prometheus‘ first impression is it can’t stand by itself. While audiences watching the movie, they would have consistently compare it to Alien and Blade Runner.

Prometheus has the same sci-fi look and classic music as Alien except its CG effect is a lot more perfect than Alien. However, it lacks of a stand-out character and story plot.

Protagonist Noomi Rapace is a stand-out character in The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, and I almost missed her out in this film because she has a completely different look. She did a good job getting into the character here but the character Elizabeth herself isn’t that stand-out in the film.

In Blade Runner, it has the same fear while people are facing death. They would fight until the last second in order to continue their life. The difference is in Blade Runner the one who wants to extend his life is an Andy while the one in Prometheus is a human. In normal sense we should feel more sympathy with  human than Android. However the machine in Blade Runner is more connected to us like we feel what he feels even thought he’s dangerous while the elder man in Prometheus is an evil who is afraid of aging. In here we don’t feel much sympathy with him maybe his character is just not strong enough.

The lack of stand-out character’s issue also applies to Charlize Theron’s character, the elder man’s daughter, and Idris Elba’s character, the captain who seems so “happy” while hitting the alien ship in the near end of the movie. They lack of convincing power as characters and as a normal human. In here I have to say many directors did successful aging movies and this one is just one of them. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to achieve emotional connection in Sci-fi but Blade Runner is one of the successful one that combines sci-fi and character driven plot.

On the other hand, the story plot in Prometheus is sort of interesting, but because it’s not that coherent (in Alien the story is very coherent) it seems vague and not focus. We could say it would be more interesting if they are in the right tracks. The “they” means characters and plot development. While I was watching the film I was waiting to see something different or the mystery comes out unexpectedly but in an interesting way. However, in many aspects the film is disappointing me. It didn’t come out interestingly and it lacks of the convincing power. And at the end when the ship hits the alien ship which seems a totally crèche. It’s making audience aware it’s a film but not a story.

Also for the outlook of the characters, what they dress and their hair styles are totally modern but not 2089 or 2093. While our parents in 70s and 80s did they expect that 30 or 50 years after the next generation will still dress the same and have the same hair style? Maybe they did but we come out not. Same with the film, we can’t predict what the people look like in the future but it is definitely going be different from us. However the characters in the film are looking just like us, which is one of the minor stigma in the film.

In the movie theater we expect something different but contradictorily we also expect something the same. In either way Prometheus fail to satisfy us. Nonetheless, it’s a very good horror film with terrific computer effect I would say.


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