the World of Cube

1997’s Cube is a film with metaphors. When the characters first appear in an uncertain place, they don’t know how they got there. It’s like people are given born and they have little memory of how they arrive there. They are confused and begin searching the meaning of the world they are at and fiting into the roles that they are given to.

Since they are already in the place without picking which one to choose at the first place, what they are going to do is making sense of everything and find a way out. Cube can be a miniature of the earth that we are living in where all of us are finding ways to survive in our individual but interconnected lives.

It’s a dangerous but challenging world. The characters in the cube have different characteristics from varied background. However they seem fitting into the survival trip. They work on different details that they are individually good at.  They work things out and finding way out seem optimistic.

Until one of them called Worth points out that he is one of the workers manufacturing the out shell of the Cube. His pessimistic point of view has concerned everyone and driven the hope down. It results in the situation turned open for some real evil characteristics to come out and fake face to be torn off.

Worth’s philosophy is everyone in the Cube project working individually for their small part and short-sighted enough to not see the big picture of the whole production. Workers know each other working in individual small parts that they are connected to but they don’t see the function of the Cube that they are making and they don’t know the meaning the production, which can be a metaphor for the ultimate world that we are living in as well where people knowing small group of others but lose the insight of understanding the things or people they aren’t “accessed” to. They are benefited by the short-term individual gain but lose the further sight of the whole picture that behind their ability to reach or in other words, they don’t even care to see the whole picture.

When one of the characters turns out to be a monster, it is one of the representatives of the world when human facing danger with limited choice. It portrays human being imperfect and they trying everything to survive even though it’s scarifying others’ lives.

At the end Worth doesn’t want to come out of the Cube because he feels disappointed of the human world. And the killing spreads the end of most characters except the genius, the only one survivor is an irony of the Cube surviving story.  The future remain unknown for him in the outside world.


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