Revolution of the 99%

The occupied Americans gathering in Wall Street and many main cities to protest has appealed for revolution for change. It forms the power for the very powerless. They speak up for the voice of the majority in the country who wanting to change.

The laid-off news and educational budget cut bring despair and hopelessness to many students and faculties, and combing with the high unemployment rate with young college grads, the shrinking of middle-class, cutting social benefit, and endless power-fighting between two parties in the congress without really working out a solution for the 99% who need the immediate changes.

All of those social problems had been hidden in the past by the cause of social inequality and the government policies that maintaining the wall of the riches. Now it just comes out to affect our current quality of living and the future of our country.

We-are-the-99% burned down the big paper board in May day for expressing their anger toward government and the 1% rich group. If the government’s natural characters are standing for the big corporations, there’s protest needed for expressing opinions from the very bottom social group and also the sequenced-out middle-class folks. That’s why the occupied wall street called the 99% because the number of people who need the government to make changes in action has been increasing.

And while Republican calls for small government, we would wonder what their intention is and when the folks standing behind them are big corporations, we should need to stand out for ourselves.

We worry about our future as much as they worry about the tax cut on rich people, the regulation on their multinational business, and the interfere with cutting social welfare spending. Because the littler the better in their opinion, but it’s the littler the worse for us.

The real social problems for us right now were raised by them in the past. If they insist on continuing having tax cut which helps little for economic growth (or it only exists in their so-called classical economic theory), the small government theory only benefits them and we will have more and more poor people who appeal for chance. Because while doing what they say only benefit themselves it would have big impact on us.

The current problems we facing now are going to distort our healthy shape of well beings and when the government’s social spending becomes zero in the future the gap between the rich and the poor will become incredibly big.  Then we will fail hard.

When our happiness is just a little dirt in the riches’ palm, we need to jump out and speak for ourselves instead of being a shadow of them while they forming their big profitably connected kingdom. Otherwise the social justices and equality will eventually be ruined by the greed of the 1% rich while the rest will be crowded out.


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