Dimensionally unfolding Cabin in the Wood

While breaking the traditional frame of horror film, Cabin in the Wood combines multilayer of Sci-fi, teen-spirit culture, black humor and scary-to-death horror elements together. Without messing up the taste, it brings changes of freshness and excitement to the old form of same-box-changing-content type of movies.

What is interesting about this movie is it unfolds what characters would react under the substitutable circumstance someone else picking for them. Every unexpected condition is planned by another hand that is outside of their world.  And the pleasure of whole this is “outsiders” and so called “fate controller” watching and betting what the “insiders” will do the next in responding to the upcoming events.

When five of the protagonists come into the controlled reality, in the basement each one of them could accidentally “touch” their individual encounter that can lead to a totally different type of outcome and nightmare. Zombies, monsters, ghosts, vampire, killer, and what else? While the “controllers” at the other side of the world in the control room are “inspecting” five protagonists to choose their nightmare,  it’s the most exciting moment for them to watch while it’s the most disastrous beginning for the characters. Fate changing is the turning-over point for a story. For people who watch and design the trap for them, it mixtures with indifference for others’ suffering and the “peeping tom” excitement. For someone who are in the edge and outside of the world that they can’t control, it’s the end unless they are brave enough to break the disastrous encounters and clear out of the “trapping world”.

Well we usually say when you are outside of the whole picture, you can see where you were at and why you acted what you did.

There’s time when people are trapped in the condition that they feel powerless about, it is the surroundings around them that is intolerable and so called “fate” that they think they can’t control. For someone who is outside of the picture it’s just indifferent or pleasant for them to watch people they are unrelated to to fail. They might use the reason like “scarifying yourself for the whole universal” or “it’s the inevitable exchange for scarifying one to make others happy”.  Being serious about it doesn’t make them serious, and in heart they laugh at the ones who suffer. At the end, who is brave enough to overcome the fear and defeat the monstrous form that is around or ahead of them is the one who can eventually break the “cursing” chain on them. For those who we call “fate controllers” are not actually the god, they are as same as others that fear about all different forms of danger. The only reason they laugh at the people who suffer is because they think they are out of all these mess but they might once fall into the same trap as well.

Thus, for those who are in the situation that they feel out of control with. The only way to walk out of the darkness is having an optimistic “I do or die” attitude and faith of trying “all I can” to defeat any type of the monstrous form. Before seeing the whole picture behind of whatever that is around them they have to have a clear mind. Now even though it weren’t zombies in front of them, it could be vampire, monster, killer or other type of danger that want to destroy them and prove that they are loser. Even though the thread is so big in front, but they have to fight to get out of it which is the only way to survive and also to reclaim again your control of your own fate.


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