Conservative’s Manipulative Monotone

In US whether or not able to give a provoking speech is the key to win election. How to talk things “right” becomes a manipulative tool for parties to persuade people to their side. For conservative party, the “right” thing to say is their monotone, the one truth describing the whole truth, the one aspect covering the whole picture.

The abortion position they takes on for protecting lives which consciously sounds right. Killing baby is immoral. Yes that is right but it’s just one aspect. The whole picture they don’t describe in their side is what if the parents aren’t able to raise the babies? Then it ruins not just one baby but the young parents as well or other people related.  Another issue is crime rate in youth that raised by single parents family is a lot higher than other healthy family, which is another consequence relating to the act of banning abortion as well. However by pointing out one side of the truth without telling what they would deal with the consequence if one of above “side-effects” is going to happen, the Conservative party falls into a manipulative role of influencing mass audiences.

Second topic is the Obama-care. Conservative party goes against it and the reason is it will increase the national debt, and the result of it is the nation becoming socialism with government taking control of the way people choose. That’s also manipulative point because even with the health care reform, people still can choose private or public plan they want to be under. In addition, the health plan is for poor people instead of those people are wealthy enough to choose, so why they need to worry that government will take off their private record under those public health care plan? The reason Conservative doing it is very obvious. They are trying to go against everything Obama promotes, and what will benefit them is by deteriorating the opponent party their candidate will have more chance to win in the next reelection.

Therefore, their purpose is obviously self-center. Without showing every aspect of one issue, and just pointing out one to attack democrat opponent is fragmental. Also blinding mass’ knowledge toward knowing the whole picture of one policy is going affect the quality of their lives in the future.  Imagine many teenage girls have to raise the kid they haven’t planned to raise; the poor population still go under the big amount hospital fee when Conservative getting huge profit while protecting private medical business.

Mass audience should have know who made us go under the huge debt in last decade. It’s George W Bush, not Obama who tries to help us out of all these mess. Now Conservative is trying to manipulate our mind while wanting us to go against Obama or voting for their candidate again by stating monotone in every political issue, which will only work if we are fool.


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