A Inevitable Separation


Asghar Farhadi ‘s movie A Separation, has the most unpredictable plot line in the year. Story convincingly brings us into the modern world of Iran. Busy dialogue in the movie builds up characters’ the frustration with many unexpected encounters and instances, which is a piece sample form of life. With full of unpredicted events,  the story line seems random but it is developed and composed by characters’ inevitable choices.

The movie begins with a “naked” introduction. One couple facing audience fight for divorce.  It comes with a conflict they are actually in front of judge, which can be perceived of inviting us to their story even without telling us who the characters are. The “naked”expression also attaches its end.  With noisy environment also they are outside of the court while they are certain about divorcing from each other and waiting for their daughter to choose whom she goes with. The film ends without the little girl coming out. Her decision remain untold.

In the film four characters state strong words in conflict, like Simin the wife wants to leave her husband Nader; Nader denies his knowing of the woman Razieh he pushed down to the stairs is pregnant;  Hodjat wants the justice from Nader murdering his unborn baby. They are strong head at their position. However at the same time couple of them are hesitated to pick the action between telling the true or protesting myself.  Nader and Razieh are standing opposite in the struggling situation but at the end choose to be honest to the heart.

It about an inevitable separation because all the instances happen naturally.  Characters go through struggling to realize what it really means to them. They separate at the end with the inevitable consequence while they all know what they doing is the right thing to do.


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