Chronicle – What can be undone?

Before I actually went to see the movie Chronicle, I saw the trailer of it. I talked to myself, it’s probably another teenager movie with cheesy super power type of content. Neither “teenager” and “super power” within my interest, but finally I decided to give it a try.

There are three boys in the movie. Andrew is a boy who has obstacle socializing with people around him. It comes down to he is afraid of talking to people. He is a smart kid but because being self-concerned he has little confident about himself. Other two characters Matt is his cousin who he only hangs out with and Steve is one of Matt’s friends.

The movie comes with a question: if you had power one day, what would you gonna do with it? Three school boys discovers the mystic hole supposed to be a secret military base.  In it they found the strange spine of spreading power that they have never seen before.  And they got “radiated” by the secret power.

Gained the huge “gift” Andrew gradually develops his power, and spreads his anger bigger and wider.  Because he can’t get rid of the rage against his father and social denial which comes from people ‘s disliked looking at him as a weirdo because of his nervousness and anti-social behaviors around peers.

With that power you can change your fate, really, but what direction you want to, Andrew?

Power can make you strong, it can also destroy you.

Sometimes we can change our future, but we can’t change the things we have been attached to. Andrew tries to change to a new social active person with that power. However, the old static reality wouldn’t let him go. That’s his dad who beats him up and his sick mother he feels sympathetic for but powerless. In addition, his lack of social skills again tricks him at a party. People started to making fun of him again.

Then he starts to see the darkness in his world, his friendship, his whole being. He starts to doubt whether he has ever been able to change whom he really is even though after he gained the super power. He still face the same problem that the super power couldn’t help, like the non-stoppable family violence and social approach that he thinks will never arrive at him. It ends up to he hates the world.  In his heart he begins to not trust anyone even Matt and Steve who are his closest friends.

Sometime one thing happens with strong emotion and people start to think anything else will be just like that with the same color. Negative cells spread to the others. He decides to turn the power negatively outward. If he couldn’t change it inside, just force it from outside. Thus with his rage he destroys everything includes himself accompanied with his emotional outbreak.

However, he forgets the power he gained already makes the signature change on him and his life but he ruined with it.

The movie is realistic that it brings us back in the reality – these three characters can be any one of us.  There are people hate the society and lack of self confident like Andrew while some others like Matt who is positive and likes to help people.

It makes us to look at ourselves if one day power arrived at us we had ever thought we would have before, what would we be using it for? Enhancing us or hindering ourselves? If it were enhancing us, what field would it lead to? Would we convert it to ositive or negative side?Or in other words, when we are still who we are and we still need to face the problem we have, but with the power what are we capably of changing to?

One  technical part to bring up is the film is supposed to be fake documentary type.  It’s shot by the camera the characters hold and it films all.  Some parts in the film are realistic; however, some editing pieces expose filmmakers using hospital footage and similar kind of “no-belong-to-camcorder” scenes within the film, which creates more “artificial” outlook. The other-type-of-footage makes-up reduces the “trustworthy” of how realistic the film is, or it could be just said it’s shot by a tradition way.


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